Current Development Source Code

The development source for the Qore Programming language is in a subversion repository; you can access it via svn or via the web interface: web-svn interface.

To check out the qore project from svn from the command-line, type (note that the source code for modules must be checked out separately):

svn co svn:// qore

Note that development code may not be stable; for the most stable version of qore, see one of the downloads below.

Source Code (includes an RPM spec file)

Qore and Qore modules can be compiled on most UNIX or UNIX-like systems (including Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Darwin, FreeBSD, etc).  Make sure you have the required libraries and components for building qore.

go to the sourceforge download page for all qore packages here.


Download Qore and Qore module binaries at the OpenSUSE Build Service:

or alternatively sourceforge project download page for qore here.

For Windows binary packages, see the sourceforce file page:


The following ports are available from MacPorts:

To install MacPorts on your Mac, look here.

Once MacPorts has been installed, you'll need to update your port list to get the Qore port with:

prompt% sudo port selfupdate

Then, just type the following command to download, compile, and install qore:

prompt% sudo port install qore 

For example, to install a module:

prompt% sudo port install qore-pgsql-module

To install a Universal binary of Qore, type

prompt% sudo port install qore +universal

Macports will install dependent ports automatically (for qore: zlib, pcre, openssl, bzip2, etc), also for a Universal binary, macports manages the dependencies also automatically.


Qore is also available as a port on FreeBSD.  You can find the FreeBSD port here.

At the moment only the qore language is available; there aren't any ports for qore modules yet (as far as I know), although there shouldn't be any issues in compiling them from source...

OpenSuSE Build Service RPMs

The OpenSuse Build Service has qore RPMs for many versions of RedHat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, OpenSuSE, Mandriva, and Suse Linux Enterprise.  However because the OpenSuSE Build Service does not include dependencies for non-open-source applications (except for currently the oracle client libraries), the sybase, tibae, tibrv, and tuxedo modules are not available there.

note that the download link has changed from the devel:lang:misc project in order to provide RPMs for more Linux versions.

Arch Linux

Thanks to shomodj Qore and many modules are available on Arch linux


Pkgsrc is the default package system for NetBSDSmartOS and Minix3. It's available for many other platforms as well.

The following packages are available in pkgsrc:

Information on how to install and use pkgsrc is available in the pkgsrc user's guide.

Currently there are no pre-built binary packages available but it will be when pkgsrc-2015Q1 is released in April 2015.

Qore Eclipse IDE Plugin

requires Eclipse 3.2 or greater, Java 1.5 or greater - is out of date; has unfortunately not been maintained with Qore