Qore 0.8.8 has just been released with massive new features focusing on improved HTTP support (much better HTTP RFC compliance, REST client and server support, WebSocket client and server support, support for automatic rendering of template files with mixed HTML and Qore code, etc), a new very high level database API for automated schema management and SQL data operations and (including programmatic DB access), much improved UTF-8 support, and many new user modules.  The release also contains many enhancements to existing functionality and scores of bugfixes.

Note that as of this release, Qore is available under the GPL 2, LGPL 2.1, and MIT licenses.

For details, see:

Note that the following modules have also been released in conjunction with Qore 0.8.8:

  • ssh2 v0.9.9: implemented support for implicit and persistent connections, better error handling, new SFTPClient methods, and more; source released under the MIT license
  • oracle v3.1: NTY handling fixes, particular with number values and regarding DBI options
  • pgsql v2.3: Added support for UNKNOWNOID so immediate values can be returned from result sets
  • json 1.4: fixes in JSON serialization and in control character encoding/decoding, include character encoding in Content-Type header in JSON-RPC messages by default; source released under the MIT license
  • xml 1.2: dynamic SOAP method unbinding, fixed bugs in the XML SAX parser, enhanced logging for the XmlRpcHandler module; source released under the MIT license
  • yaml 0.4: fixed bugs serializing zero-length durations, enhanced the YamlRpcHandler module for more flexible logging; source released under the MIT license